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Creating unique solutions for the live entertainment industry.




Winter 2018


Strategy, Design & WordPress Development


A leader in creating custom and unique technical solutions for the live entertainment industry, ACASS-SYSTEMS worked with world-known talent like Adele, Lorde and more to bring their creative visions for their tours and shows to life.

Unfortunately, before this website was fully completed, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Project Overview:
Tasked with taking a text-heavy web presence and creating a more appealing and visually inviting experience for existing and potential clients, I worked with a team of freelancers to overhaul content, creative direction and site architecture. The updated website featured beautiful hero images showcasing ACASS-SYSTEMS’ patented technology and hardware, as well as the applications in which it was being used.

As previously mentioned, this particular project was never made live in its final state, but versions of it were pushed live as we completed various phases of work. At the client’s request, we utilized a WordPress theme, built custom from a start theme I created a few years ago for client site purposes.


marketing webSite

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