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AIGA Central Pennsylvania



AIGA Central Pennsylvania


May 2014 - present


Community Building, Design Facilitation, Creative, Leadership


AIGA Central Pennsylvania is my productive side project. I joined our board in 2014  as Communications chair and later Vice President. I served as President of the chapter, as the first female President, from October 2015 to July 2018. I now advise the board locally, holding the role of President Emeritus, and serve as an advisor to eight chapters on the Chapter Advisory Council of the National Organization.

Throughout my involvement, I've grown immensely as a professional, designer, thinker, and friend. I've learned to lead, organize, collaborate, delegate, facilitate and plan. One of my favorite pieces of being involved is the ability to make things happen. I aim to empower my board and be as hands-on as I can with planning events and making initiatives come to life.

I also have the opportunity to meet incredible designers across the country, have a hand in the future of design in Central Pennsylvania and make some great little event graphics. 

2016 AIGA Leadership Retreat

What I've helped make a reality:



AIGA Women Lead programming - Nationally, AIGA's Women Lead initiative is a commitment to create and cultivate programming and resources across AIGA's 72 chapters in support of empowering women in design and beyond to get involved and grow.

During the fall of 2015, I put together a panel conversation between four women in design and technology on their experiences and advice for other women in the field, as well as suggestions on how to create a better workplace for inclusivity. 

This coming fall, I'm introducing a mentorship program in conjunction with the Women Lead initiative that will pair ten emerging women in design with ten practicing professionals who have been in the field for 5+ years. 



Incorporating Member Feedback - As President, I'm constantly advocating for our membership and community, encouraging those who come out to our events and network with our board to share their feedback and ideas. If we're not doing what our community and membership want, then we're not doing our due diligence in serving them. 

Each event ends with a quick ask for attendees to fill out a 3-5 question feedback form, which also serves as an opportunity to learn more about volunteering or becoming a member with the chapter. Since incorporating these forms, in conjunction with an annual membership survey, the chapter has seen an increase in engagement and attendance at events which has resulting in a diversity of event offerings.



Professional Development Workshops -  This fall, the chapter made an adjustment in its programming to include more workshops with a focus on developing a foundation in a particular skill set. This was in direct result of the annual membership survey, where the want was voiced.