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Clinic for Special Children

Creating light & hope for children and families with genetic illnesses.


Summer/Fall 2016, at The Infantree


Strategy, Information Architecture, Design


About Clinic for Special Children:
The Clinic for Special Children's goal is to further knowledge and research of genetic disorders that effect children of Amish & Mennonite populations while providing medical & clinical care.

Project Overview:
The Clinic for Special Children came to the Infantree looking for a complete overhaul, visually and organizationally, of their existing website - which had become bloated and tough to navigate with extra content and information being added over the last few years. We worked with their stakeholders to update the content strategy and information architecture - making it easier for users to find the information, forms, and materials they need.

Pages were based on templated structures for easy updating on the client-side CMS (WordPress), as well as easy to define universal design and hierarchy across pages.

  • With a limited budget, we needed to efficiently sift through pages and pages of information, highlighting and organizing important categories, bits of information, and forms, amongst medical information and data.

  • The clinic mainly serves Amish and Mennonite families, so information and content needed to be relatively straight forward, and easy to find. Keeping in mind that users coming to the site may not have the fastest internet connections, I pushed for optimization and page speed tests to speed up the site and make the information accessible - regardless of internet speed.

Project Challenges:

  • The site features a basic templating system - allowing for long scrolling pages for delivery of related information, all at once. This allowed for the client to be able to update time-sensitive information, as well as clinic-related news without having to come back to the agency.

  • Each page utilizes a floating navigation to move through the content without having to scroll from top to bottom.

Project Wins: