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I’m a designer & front end web developer, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At the end of the day, I’m just here to make the world better than I found it.


TLDR: I have over five years experience working with agencies, in-house teams, start-ups and more, creating visual design solutions and leading design thinking workshops. I enjoy teaching others to code, building community and mentoring AIGA chapters across the country. I used to speak at conferences and run workshops a good bit and took time off to do leadership and personal development trainings.

I’m a digitally-minded and results-driven designer and front end web developer. I take a strategic approach to what I create - aiming to give everything a purpose - taking a brand’s creative direction and tone across multiple touch points for a seamless experience.

I enjoy helping teams discover and solve problems through Design Thinking exercises, being trained through a partnership between AIGA and IBM, and having attended a Design Facilitation Summit with IBM in 2017. I’ve worked with agencies large and small, in-house teams, start ups and more, leading marketing, design and development teams in an agile work environment.


I’m currently taking on freelance projects as I search for the perfect full-time role.

Most recently, I was an in-house marketing designer & front end developer at MeetMindful, a Denver, Colorado-based dating app focused on creating meaningful and lasting connections for our users.  

Community-wise, I serve on the Chapter Advisory Council of AIGA, after wrapping up a three year term as President of AIGA Central Pennsylvania, mentoring chapters of all sizes on member retention and community engagement.

I also founded and now co-organize Shine Lancaster - a local meetup focused on fostering inclusive spaces for folks to come together and connect on a human level around personal and professional development.

And because we all spend too much time sitting, I teach incredibly casual yoga classes at Station One Studios on Sundays at 11am. In late 2017 (and all of 2018), I took time off from putting on workshops and public speaking to enroll in Create Karma - a local non-profit focused on personal development and yoga teacher trainings (I completed the leadership program in 2017, and the mentorship program in 2018). In the realm of wellness and personal development, I’ve also recently completed the Landmark Forum in late October - focusing on discovering how we learn to find and use our inner power and voice.


Over the last few years, I've been employed (in order) as a designer and front end developer at the Industrial Resolution, InfantreePLEDGE IT and Listrak, as well as freelanced for local agencies. I also taught the very first semester of the Computer Software Engineering Technology program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in the fall of 2017. I freelanced for roughly a year before taking on a full-time contracting role with my current company.

Within the last few years, I've taught with Girl Develop It Lehigh Valley and Convert to Code, moderated a panel on self care at elaConf, participated in a panel on user experience and design in news media at AmericaEast, co-organized WordCamp Lancaster and shared some knowledge in a variety of other ways. 

And Passionately,

I am a vocal advocate of women and non-binary individuals in design and technology and strongly believe in creating diverse, inclusive workplaces. I am fascinated by uncovering and creating awareness around implicit bias. I believe in using design to benefit the greater good to make a positive social impact. I believe in the ability design thinking has to change how we consider problems and finding their solutions.