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Moving a brand forward.


Case Study

Infantree’s Relaunch: Moving a Brand Forward





November 2016


Strategy, Design & Development (WordPress)


About Infantree:
Infantree is a branding & design agency located in downtown Lancaster, that has worked with many local, and regional brands, such as Lancaster County Community Foundation, Passenger Coffee Roasters, Atomic Design, and then some.

Project Overview:
One of my last projects at Infantree consisted of redesigning and developing their portfolio and marketing website. The agency had grown tremendously since it's last site update, and it was time to show the world what they had been up to, in that time. 

The website redesign process involved working with other teammates in the agency to redefine who Infantree was, and where they were going, as well as reflect on what values and aesthetic they wished to show the world. I led the redesign process by facilitating conversations between the agency owners, Ryan and Ryan, as well as holding internal reviews with various designers to come to a consensus on visual direction.

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