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Radiant Collective @ SOCA

A collective providing accessible yoga & wellness for every body.


Radiant Collective at Station One Center for the Arts


Summer 2018


Branding, Design


The Radiant Collective is a wellness collective of yoga teachers, tarot readers, reiki healers and more who headquarter out of Station One Center for the Arts, a co-op space in downtown Lancaster. They focus on creating a safe and welcoming space for anyone who attends their classes or requests their services, bringing a casual and unique vibe to the experience.

I focused on creating a logo that could be versatile for future expansions of offerings, as well as speak cohesively to the various individuals working within the collective. The brand needed to have a similar welcoming experience to it - while also being friendly, casual and straightforward to those who come across it.

I asked each member of the collective to share three words that describes their offerings, and a single image that best represents them to chew on for inspiration for this mark. Words received included: lunar, introspective, flowing, gentle, expressive, spirals, fluid, expansive, exploratory, guided. Materials created needed to be easy for collective members to update and print to share across town with minimal budget.

You can learn more about my involvement here.