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Shine Lancaster

Creating space to come together.



January 2017


Community Building, Facilitation, Knowledge Sharing, Professional & Personal Development

Inspired by a talk on the importance of squads at last year's elaConf, I (finally) started a women in tech meetup in January 2017. I created it with the hopes and aspirations of it eventually growing into a community where women can find support, mentors, new skills and more.

Lancaster has an incredibly active tech scene, with meetups happening most nights of the week, and ranging from general meetups to more specific, topic-based groups. I've been attending various meetups for a few years now, and found that there wasn't a place for women to come together and discuss what it means to be a lady in tech, and the challenges they face, which are often different from what men are facing in tech. 

Shine also came from a place of women supporting one another

Shine Lancaster