Hello, Goodbye 2016

I've never been good at the year in review post. I start it, it sits, it collects dust and eventually I come back and attack it in a bit of a half assed manor that no English teacher would be proud of. I always feel a certain level of I need to do this, I owe it to myself to reflect, etc. It's been eighteen days since the new year came around, and although I spent the evening sick, and asleep by 10:30, the weeks since have more or less kicked me into a rather intentional high gear of desire to inflict positive change.

A few weeks ago, I worked my way through the Holstee Reflection Guide from December's Mindful Art Subscription. As I worked my way through it, listing what I had accomplished, learned and done, I realized, holy crap, 2016 was a year of planning, of preparation and of finding myself. Cliche, I know, but hear me out. Within those 12 months, I spoke, I moderated, I shared, I stood up, I led, I learned, I left, I failed, I traveled, I experienced, I broke, I fought, I believed, I created, I built, I breathed and I was inspired.

And now, thinking back on that again and in light of recent events, I'm motivated. I am overwhelmed with motivation and intention. I'm watching my local community grow, I'm watching national movements form, and perhaps tonight, I'll reflect on my intentions for this coming year, and align those with my goals. For the first time, I wrote down a five year, and a ten year goal of where I want to be at 30 & 35. The level of focus I've gained from that, alone, is something close to incredible, and now when I get up each morning, I remember those goals and know that each day is a step towards those goals.

A few nights ago, I posted to Instagram a shot of letting go and small explanation of what that meant to me, and where the idea came from. I think we all know that 2016 was far from perfect, but now I'm choosing to stare it down as a year of learning, and growth, and that is the core of the motivation that is fueling me today. I have a lot to share and a lot to express and perhaps, documenting and writing those things are an intention of 2017.