Last month, Jared & I were invited up to New York to visit the national AIGA offices and share our experiences as board members of the Central Pennsylvania chapter. In February, two national staff members came to visit for our February Coffee & Create, where Joshua gave a presentation on presenting work to clients.

The opportunity to share our story, as a chapter, and our journeys as board members was incredibly exciting. AIGA has played a large role in my development as a designer, and community leader, and there were so many stories and lessons I wanted to share with the national staff. 

Our chapter covers Harrisburg, Lancaster and York, for the most part. We also occasionally reach the Reading and Penn State areas, as well as all the little towns, in between. As President, two goals for my term are to 1. creating sustainable community among our cities and 2. listen to our membership to provide what they want and need in order to thrive in their roles.


The presentation I gave to the national staff chronicled my journey with the chapter, where it was before I got involved and where we are now. I shared what got me involved initially, which began as Joshua's request and later became a need for a creative outlet, and what keeps me with the chapter (our community, my board, the empowerment I've found to create). I shared my proudest professional accomplishment to date: becoming the first female President of the chapter, and perhaps the youngest.

I say it often, but I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have AIGA backing me up, supporting me, sustaining me. I've found an outlet to test leadership, create community and empower the people I surround myself with.